Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm a lazy blogger, but a busy human!

Last week, my parents were here from Saturday to Thursday.  It was lovely to see them and to get to catch up on life since I was last home at Christmas, and we ate lots of delicious food.  Kansas City and my relatives all over the country now have a picture of my ever - larger baby bump.  And then I worked Thursday through Sunday.  Monday was spent running from appointment to appointment, Tuesday and Wednesday I worked, and yesterday I caught up on all the family phone calls I'd been putting off til I had a free day. 

And...I got to hear the baby's heartbeat on Monday at my checkup.  There really is a baby in there, and he or she is really doing everything (s)he should be at this point (as of today, 12w5d).  It would have been an incredibly positive appointment had it not been for the weight issue.  See - after five days of eating out for lunch and dinner and not having any time to even go for a walk (when my parents were in town) and a few weeks of eating more than I should have been, my weight was up SEVEN POUNDS from the checkup four weeks earlier.  And then my doctor told me that she wants me to gain at least thirty - five pounds over the course of the pregnancy.  I bawled my eyes out.  Granted, the pregnancy hormones likely had something to do with the tears - preggos don't have a reputation for emotional breakdowns for no reason!  Poor Chris...

In more positive news, I've been running two miles most days, biking the three miles to work, and generally spending as much time outside as possible.  It's been a week of making old jeans into cut-offs, of discovering that rubber bands work much better than hair ties for extending one's waistband, and of buying and eating large quantities of fruit.  I've discovered that greatly limiting dairy in my diet greatly improves "digestive health," leading to the realization that quite a few of those supposed gained pounds were something along the lines of bloating and digestive slowness.  That was reassuring. 

Happy thoughts for today:

  1. Iced peppermint tea is wonderful, especially with soy milk.
  2. Blooming magnolia trees - roughly half the houses on our street have 'em, and all are blooming right now.  I can see the one in our yard while curled up in bed. 
  3. Kiwi fruit - potassium-tastic, and delicious.

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