Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thirteen Weeks!

...or two days shy of it anyway. 

I figured it was time to make mention of pregnancy on Facebook, since I'm nearing my second trimester and have, as far as we can tell, a healthy baby with a strong heartbeat.  I didn't say much, merely that my family is getting bigger.  We'll see if anyone notices or might be too vague of a status for those who don't already know we're expecting. 

It's a cool, drizzly spring day here, a bit more of what one might expect for March in Michigan.'s still quite a bit warmer than average, but it feels and smells more like spring this morning than it has thus far.  This is skirts and cardigans weather, though I (sadly) can't wear either to work.  Pregnancy dressing would be far more fun if it weren't for the omnipresent jeans-and-Trader Joe's T-shirt-and-hoodie "uniform."  None of my jeans make me feel anything but...large these days, and I fear I'm just going to look big as a house when visibly pregnant in a TJ's hoodie.  I suppose that's a bridge to be crossed when I come to it - that and the alteration of a few work shirts to accommodate a pregnant belly! 

I'm thinking of buying a camera to document this pregnancy and the increasingly lovely spring.  It's been years since I've owned one (and I know nothing about them) but thankfully, I know plenty of people who know plenty of things about photography! 

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