Monday, April 16, 2012

Sixteen weeks, a prenatal visit, and other things...

Today marks the "it's four weeks til I'm halfway done with pregnancy" - dearly wish I loved being pregnant, but I really don't.  I'm not questioning whether or not it's worth it and don't feel sick or under the weather, but all the stuff that comes with being pregnant is already old.  Clothing not fitting like it used to?  Getting old (though it's not so much that it doesn't fit as that it doesn't button/is too short/etc).  Trips to the doctor every four weeks?  Already old.  Being referred to as "mama" or "mama bear?"  Well...I don't mind that one so much. 

I had one of of the aforementioned monthly trips to the doctor today.  It was uneventful, and definitely the least stressful appointment thus far.  Jenna came with me (Jen, if you're reading this - you're welcome to come to any and all of my appointments from now on!), and I was very glad for the company.  The critter's heartbeat was 152 BPM, and according to Jenna, "the most beautiful sound [she's] ever heard." 

This morning, I bought a pair of Toms, mostly for the fact that they have no laces and are therefore easy to stuff my feet into without having to lean over.  I may only have gained ten pounds thus far, but I'm already struggling to reach my feet comfortably (yeah I'm only sixteen weeks pregnant...only gained a pound since twelve weeks though!).  Leaning over squishes the baby bump, which feels a lot like getting my purse off the floor after I finished my first Chipotle burrito.  Food bebe grande. 

Life is good overall.  Yes.

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