Tuesday, May 29, 2012

As of this morning, Chris and I officially have a tiny, uterus - dwelling human being whose movements are visible on the surface of my belly!

He or she was, apparently, feeling quite energetic when I woke up this morning, and remained so til after my morning coffee (go figure...maybe like mother, like child?  My AM cup of coffee puts me back to sleep half the time!).  We've passed the period of baby movement that feels like bubbles, and moved on to wriggling and kicking, as often as not in response to me doing something he or she didn't find agreeable.  Bending over too far?  I get kicked.  Lying on my belly anywhere but our cushy bed?  Also get kicked.  The best are the braxton - hicks contractions though.  My uterus is preparing itself for (eventual) labor, yet its inhabitant finds being squashed by the accommodations quite objectionable.  Poor kid, it's going to be a long, hard life of learning that things that are necessary to achieve a desired end are not always enjoyable! 

I had a gal (who is 18 weeks pregnant) tell me today that I'm huge for only being 22 weeks.  I felt like pointing out to her that only one of us was in maternity pants (that someone not being me...my pre-preg 'fat pants' still button!).  And one of us was wearing a tight t shirt (me).  UGH, though...no woman wants to hear that she's huge! 

I'm just glad I'm carrying high.  A lower bump would be much more inconvenient in terms of lifting, bending over, finding clothing, etc, and I'm really appreciative of the fact that I haven't (yet) had to modify my activity level for the most part. 

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