Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pregnancy + running update

In looking back on my posts, I realized that it's been a few days shy of two months since I last wrote a post about running.  I'm now 21.5 weeks pregnant, and still running.

And honestly, it still feels great most days.  The exhaustion comes and goes, but it doesn't factor into my ability to run (if anything, exercise tends to energize me).  Overeating is the only thing which significantly interferes with running - as my baby and uterus have grown, they've begun crowding out other organs (like my stomach).  Some days I'm almost too stuffed to run right after an average - sized meal.  I suppose this might be the long - awaited push to master the art of eating only til I'm full - a lifelong struggle for me.

Besides that though, I'm still going strong!  My pre-pregnant eight - minute miles have gradually become nine - minute miles, and stretching before, during, and after runs (I stop every mile or so to stretch out my legs and to make sure I'm not overheating) is a must.  Walking til my heart rate drops post - run is also increasingly helpful - keeps my leg muscles moving while they cool down, and prevents the post - exercise tendency to overheat.  While I'd hoped to work my way up to five mile runs by this point, I'm still doing no more than three and change at a time.  I can't complain though - I'm still running, and while early pregnancy runs were between one and three miles, almost all of my runs are three - milers now.  Any more than that and my left hip starts complaining.

I need to buy a belly support band at some point - while I don't need it yet, I'd rather have it on hand for when I do than miss out on running while it ships.  And I'm likely to drag my feet on deciding I need it when I do, so yeah...going to try to get one ordered in the next few weeks, just in case. 

And while I have still managed to gain 14 pounds thus far, I can still fit into plenty of my regular pants.  I guess that's a plus, and an indication that not many of those pounds are fat!

 This morning, mid - run.  21.5 weeks, my belly has surpassed my boobs. 

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