Monday, May 7, 2012

Reasons why pregnancy isn't really that bad (might be TMI for the boys)

I was thinking yesterday, after hearing a coworker blame PMS/start of period for her rough day, that pregnancy really isn't all that bad.  It's certainly not glamorous or easy, but neither is being a human being (male, female, n/a...)

For starters : compared to the PMS I experienced every month without fail, and the gut - wrenching cramps that arrived 75% of the time, pregnancy is a walk in the park.  Yes, there are days I'm in terrible moods with no cause but hormones.  Yes, there are times I've felt not so great physically.  Honestly though?  Pregnancy's proven far easier than PMS and periods for me.  And I no longer have to worry about carrying tampons and/or worrying about whether or not my period is going to arrive at an inopportune time (too early, too late, at work, etc).

This one's ironic, but quite true.  Pregnancy removes the need for any sort of birth control.  Worry - free fun!

The 'glow' - it's a real thing.  My skin looks better than it ever has before, and it requires absolutely no effort from me.  Sometimes it gets washed, sometimes it doesn't; no one seems to be able to tell the difference.  Hell, I can't even tell the difference.  If my hair's not wet, chances are I haven't washed my face since yesterday.  If I have a scarf on my head, it might have been two days, or even three...

To borrow a phrase from my friend Sam's blog, "the upstairs real estate looks amazing" during pregnancy.  'nuff said. 

And with bikini season just now in sight, it's worth mentioning that I'm going to be able to wear a bikini without feeling self - conscious about my stomach for the first time in my life.  It certainly won't be flat, but no one is expecting it to be! 

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