Friday, June 15, 2012

24 weeks is, as I've mentioned before, commonly accepted as the point of viability - that is, the earliest point at which a fetus has a chance at becoming an infant who is capable of survival if circumstances necessitated delivering early.  There are a handful of babies born even earlier than this point who have survived in the past few years, but such events are a rarity. 

Needless to say, this crucial threshold did not go unnoticed in our house.  Monday will be 25 weeks; I've read that chances of survival increase a startling 2-3% a day from weeks 24 to 28, which translates into every day now being at least as significant as, well, every other day thus far. 

And if the growth of my belly these past two weeks counts as evidence that our critter is growing like crazy, then...yeah, he or she is getting bigger, possibly a lot bigger!  After hearing that we're measuring a bit small at my 23 week appointment, I decided to increase my protein and caloric intake (by 10g of protein and 100-200 calories/day).  And while I haven't intended for this to be the case, I have cut back on my running a bit (some days, I'm too worried about the baby's growth; some days, I'm just too tired).  And as a result, I had to buy my first pair of maternity jeans this week. 

They're jeggings from Old Navy, and they really don't fit very well.  The legs are baggy and the butt poofy, and Old Navy doesn't actually make a smaller size (tragic, right?)  I've been reassured (reassured?) that I'll grow into them - a prospect I dread.  In a perfect world, my bump would be conquering territory to the north rather than to the south, and my butt and thighs would remain unchanged.  I guess I can hope for the latter, since the former has already necessitated buying jeans with a stretchy knit waistband. 

Ah, the life and times of Janna... 

Otherwise, pregnancy's unremarkable.  The kiddo decided to go two days without moving last week, which was alarming.  He or she followed these two days with a full 24 hours of nonstop movement, and I'm really hoping that this isn't an indication of what postpartum life will be like (as if anyone would be surprised if Chris and I produced offspring inclined to party for a full day and then sleep for two...)

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