Monday, June 18, 2012

Gap demi panel always skinny maternity jeans.  These lovely things arrived in the mail two days ago, and I've only taken them off to sleep (and run) since then.  They fit perfectly, flatter everywhere that "normal" jeans do, and provide just enough belly support to make life a bit easier on my back during long days at work.  While the reviews on indicate that they run a bit small in the legs, I didn't find this to be the case - I'm one of two pant sizes at the Gap when I'm not pregnant, and was fine ordering the smaller of the two in maternity because it happened to be on sale. 

It's truly amazing what a comfortable pair of jeans that fit well can do for the self esteem. I try to steer clear of retail therapy for the most part, but the price of happiness last week was $27.99 (+shipping).

In other news, the critter's noggin must be growing because we've been head-down for two days now.  It's a far more comfortable position from a maternal standpoint.  I should clarify that by "head down" I mean "if my uterus were a clock, baby feet would be between 9PM and 3AM" - we're not quite settled into position for the final descent, but moving in the right direction!  In the absence of a tiny person dancing on my bladder, I find that I'm generally making fewer trips to the bathroom - I think I only got up once last night to pee (like a racehorse, yes, but only once!). 

Today is 25 weeks.  15 more to go (and oh so much to do between now and then!).  Chris and I have been putting off shopping for baby stuff thus far in the interest of getting other stuff in order, but the clock is ticking!  Acquiring a second (carseat - friendly) vehicle is the current priority, but we really do need to start a checklist of what we need to buy, borrow, or make between now and when we bring our child home.  Perhaps I'll start one as a post on here tomorrow. 

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