Wednesday, July 18, 2012

29 - week checkup

It's funny - in the midst of the two and a half week glucose tolerance testing saga, I never had a 'bad' appointment.  All my freak-outs were over the phone, either at work or at home.  Office visits were remarkably positive the entire time, which I suppose speaks to the quality of care at a "patient - centered medical practice."  I'm quite lucky to have the doctor that I do, because pregnancy would have been considerably more stressful thus far with pretty much anyone else overseeing my prenatal care.

The critter's heart rate was a good solid 148, though (sadly) there was no kicking of the doppler this time.  It's getting easier and easier to find his or her heartbeat though (a stethoscope would actually work at this point) so less baby-bothering doppler pressure is required to hear it.   My weight gain and fundal height are on track at 20 pounds and 28 weeks/centimeters, respectively.  The only thing that wasn't as it should be was my blood pressure, which returned to its usual checkup 140/70 in the midst of worrying that Rothenberg might have lost patience with me over my response to the glucose tolerance screening and test.  Thankfully, she hasn't.  In fact, she went so far as to say that she wishes all her OB patients were as health - conscious and active as I am, which was nice to hear.  She's excited that I'm planning on delivering at the Alternative Birth Care Unit as it's her favorite place to attend births.  Hell, I'm excited to deliver there...pregnancy's all fine and good, but I'd happily tackle labor and delivery tomorrow if there were a way to time-warp to 38 weeks and somehow complete the required four - week childbirth course in the process! 

Really though, being 29.5 weeks pregnant isn't so bad.  Since beginning iron supplementation (in addition to my prenatals) and getting a maternity support belt, I haven't felt particularly inconvenienced by pregnancy.  My belly's currently put growing in a southerly direction on hold to focus on conquering new territory to the east and west, which means I haven't had to take any articles of clothing out of rotation for a few weeks now.  I ran a mile this morning (the plan was two, but it started pouring and I hate squishy wet shoes), and curled up on the couch right now, I feel pretty much like not-pregnant me, with a belly.  And huge boobs, but I tend to forget about them since they're smaller than my pregnant stomach and don't interfere with my ability to see my feet! 

Iron supplements or no, though, I need to go take a nap before Chris gets home.  We're going to the Secretary of State after he gets out of work, and I'm dozing off while attempting to type.  Yay, pregnancy! 

Chris and I at Alison's wedding on the 6th.  I'm short, unlike Chris. 


  1. Dozing off mid-typing at 29 weeks? I was hoping that would get better. I'm sure it is better, but then it gets worse. Today I told a teenager not to get pregnant until she really, really wanted a baby and could handle all this. :)

  2. PS-guy in the window looks intrigued.