Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tuesdays at Eastern Market

Since I've worked every Saturday in recent memory, I haven't been able to make it down to Eastern Market like I was hoping to this summer.  Chris and I tried to go the one Sunday I wasn't scheduled, and found that it doesn't happen on Sunday as we'd assumed it would.  We did, however, discover that from the beginning of July to the end of October, there's 1+ shed's worth of vendors every Tuesday.

It's a much smaller crowd than on Saturdays, but there's still plenty of variety.  And the best part about Eastern Market Tuesdays?  The free yoga.  Since only shed two is used for the market itself, there's plenty of space for a good-sized class to practice yoga in the well - ventilated shade of shed three.  All that is required is a yoga mat (a bottle of water is also a good idea), and the classes are structured to be accessible for a variety of skill levels.  And unlike any yoga class I've ever taken before, the music is live (provided by one of the local Buddhist monasteries, I believe).  It's a thoroughly lovely experience despite the large class size that appears to be larger by the week.

And really - what could be better than an hour of semi - outdoor yoga followed by shopping at the farmer's market?  Last week, I bought yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes, fresh basil, and several ears of corn.  I sauteed the squash and zucchini with sliced onions, and cooked down diced tomatoes and basil over it (served over plain cooked quinoa) for lunch afterwards.  Simple, high in protein and fiber, and delicious.

Also worth mentioning - they have yet to open a shop, but make it to three or four markets a week.  Rightfully Raw makes delicious raw 'baked' goods and other assorted treats and snack-y things, all of which are dangerously good.  Two weeks ago, I got their raspberry crumble; this week it was the chocolate mousse with cookie crumble crust.  And yes, I ate the entire thing both times.  Good thing they're small portions!

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