Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yesterday marked 32 weeks and also our first week of (three) childbirth classes. 

Our kiddo's birthday is getting close...like, really close.  And as we learned this past weekend, Chris entered the world of his own accord at 36.5 weeks.  While that's not technically considered premature anymore, it was then.  The fact that he was nine and a half pounds and ready to rock and roll a few days shy of a month early was a bit surprising to everyone. 

Needless to say, we should probably make it a goal to be (mostly) ready for parenthood (in every sense of the phrase) by 36 weeks!  While the size of my belly makes it unlikely that Chris and I will end up with a baby as large as he (and my dad + two of my siblings) was, it's certainly not outside the realm of possibility.  The fact that I've stayed as active as I have lends itself to the idea that my abs are still stronger than average, thus creating a more compact bump than most women have at this point.  And, in all possibility, a cramped baby who never stops fidgeting for more than an hour or so at a time because there isn't much room anymore.  We've been head-down for several weeks now, and baby feet are spending what seems like a majority of their time in my ribs. 

At class last night, there were fairly extensive discussions of ways to shift babies into the proper position for birth - useful information for sure, but focused on getting an improperly positioned baby where he or she belongs rather than getting feet out of ribs and whatnot!  It was an enjoyable class, though I can't say I necessarily learned anything new.  Hearing natural birth stories was encouraging.  Everything I've read thus far is extremely aggressive in preaching that a birth plan can't be set in stone, the implication being that you never know when you're going to give up and decide you can't continue without an epidural.  At the Alternative Birth Care Unit, they mean "you shouldn't write in your plan that you're going to labor in the tub, because you might end up deciding the shower feels better."  Obviously, 100% of births carry the risk of ending in an emergency cesarean - barring medical complications leading to that though, I'm planning on a natural, unmedicated delivery (I think I've mentioned that on here before, but if I haven't...yes, 'tis the case).

Anyways.  The work baby shower is today, which should be a lot of fun.  I work Friday and Saturday, and am planning to head up to Lake Huron Saturday afternoon.  My sister Caroline will be in town Sunday evening through Wednesday, and oh my goodness I have so much to do between now and October 1st (give or take a few weeks!).  It will be fun though.  Pregnancy's turned me into a machine of both productivity and nap - taking, which really isn't a bad way to live life. 

Perhaps I'll update with pictures from the shower tonight or tomorrow if I get the chance. 

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