Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Still here, still pregnant.  Thirty - seven weeks and two days pregnant, to be exact...we've not only made it past the requisite thirty - six week mark to deliver at the ABC, but have even made it to full term!  It's exciting, and I wish I was energetic enough to fully appreciate it. 

Despite being back to full time employment at TJ's (thanks to the fickle nature of construction) I have been keeping busy.  I'm working on upcycled flannel wipes (cut from old pillowcases), running load after load of baby laundry, collecting odds and ends of baby gear, and helping Chris rearrange the apartment in preparation for switching the bedroom and the kitchen (because no matter how close to my due date it is, it may be awhile before he has this much time off work to focus on home improvement).  I love the new layout of the living room - it's much cozier and more inviting, and it honestly feels bigger since the couch isn't obscuring a third of the window. 

So yes...it's down to the 'waiting' part of the game now.  It doesn't feel like it though, doesn't feel like we could be leaving for the birth center any day now as a two - person family and returning home as a family of three.  This third little person has, for all intents and purposes, moved in already - his or her clothing is washed, folded, put away in the dresser.  A tiny tub sits in the closet, a crib and carseat in the basement.  The freshly - washed sheets for the crib are neatly folded in the bottom drawer of the dresser, to keep them clean while we're moving furniture and uprooting cabinets.  I still need to find an appropriate jar for storing cloth wipes, and I don't know if we're ever truly going to have enough diapers but...we have most everything we're going to need to bring a baby home from the hospital but the baby! 

Sometime soon, when the changes to the apartment are complete, I'll post pictures.  And, obviously, I will post pictures when our family goes from two people to three as well! 

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  1. JANNA! hey it's dave from homer's, i didn't know you were married AND expecting! congratulations! twice! life sure moves fast when i'm not paying attention.