Monday, February 11, 2013

February, already?

I can't believe it's February.

 Seriously. Where is the time going? I keep posting, resolving to post regularly, and then coming back a month later.

 Levi is four and a half months old, sitting up for short stretches, and sampling tidbits of food. He loves playing on the iPad, and strawberries make him bounce up and down excitedly. He's just beginning to catch on to all the games we've been playing with him since he could hold his head up reliably. He plays peek a boo, hiding his face in the arm of the couch or the chest of whoever is holding him, giggling the entire time. And while his thirteen and a half pound body doesn't reflect his voracious appetite for, well, everything (boobie, fruit, his fingers, etc), oh boy can he eat. I love Levi so much though. Life as a working, pumping at work mama is ok, but I miss him every minute I'm away. It's entirely possible my customers are getting sick of hearing about him. And I could care less.

I have plenty of adorable pictures, but the iPad won't let me upload them. Soon, friends, soon.