Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Baby-led weaning

It's messy.

It's exciting.

And it has begun at our house.

Levi discovered last week that his hands can be used to get food to his mouth (an adorable video - I'll post it when I figure out how). Since then, he's been sampling a bit of bean burgers  and tomatoes at the Emory, eggs and toast with me every morning, mango slices, bread and jam...

We make food for him sometimes, but usually only if what we're eating isn't at all baby-friendly (chips and salsa, fried food, anything with dairy or gluten...we're excluding both til he's at least a year old).  He wants to feed himself, so purees aren't terribly useful.  BLW (baby led weaning) advocates assure parents that no teeth = no problem, and they're quite right. Levi has yet to cut a single tooth, but doesn't have any trouble taking bites of or chewing even firm foods (mango, [gluten free] bread crust, etc).

In other news, we're days from six months (Saturday) and also probably days from crawling. He's been sitting unassisted for about a month now, and gets from point A to point B by rolling, flopping, and scooting backwards on all fours. Time has flown...