Thursday, December 20, 2012


Now that Levi's almost twelve weeks old (Sunday!), I figured he was old enough to tackle a quick jaunt to Chicago.  'Jaunt' doesn't quite convey the circumstances under which the trip was taken (a funeral), but it was certainly a whirlwind of a 24-hour trip.  

I got to catch up with a lot of people; Levi got to meet a lot of people.  And he did so well!  He was exhausted from missing a few of his naps both Tuesday and Wednesday, and I'm amazed he managed to hold himself together after realizing just how tiring the trip was for me!  I could barely get out of bed this morning, and I didn't even miss out on a significant amount of sleep like Levi did in missing some naps!  

Yes.  I have an amazing son who, at almost three months of age, entirely possibly may be more easygoing than I am.  The lack of a schedule and the seemingly endless parade of new faces and places didn't really seem to faze him. I, on the other hand...I was relaxed by Janna standards, but still a bit stressed about the timing of everything.  Levi agreeably took naps anytime I put him in his carseat, and woke up cheerful when I got him out.  He sat quietly on my lap through the funeral and looked around.  (note to self...take him to see live music as often as possible...he loved the music at the church).  

Yep.  We have one rockin' little dude for a son.