Wednesday, February 1, 2012

5 weeks... how far along's due date calculator says we are.  Barring any complications, I should be due the first week of October.

It's amusing, scary, reassuring, how quickly I've adjusted to the idea (and actuality) of pregnancy.  While hormones may be to blame for part of it (lets be honest here - I get the impression that if pregnancy hormones told me to jump off a cliff, I'd probably do it, or at least seriously consider it), I think life circumstances get plenty of credit as well.  I never thought I wanted kids, but I've gone from a bit scared to totally thrilled in less than a week.  BabyCenter says this tiny person inside of me is roughly the size of a sesame seed, which is amazing since it's such new news to both Chris and I. 

It's far too early to be doing much planning or purchasing, but we've already begun looking at baby stuff online.  I have a first prenatal appointment scheduled for the 20th of February,  which seems far away but is, in fact, only three weeks away. 

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