Friday, April 20, 2012

Things I have appreciated this week...

TOMS shoes.  I bought this red pair on Monday, and now have a second pair to keep it company (found a grey pair new at a resale shop!).  They're comfy, and will be perfect for a summer of not being able to see, much less reach, my feet. 

"asian superbreakfast"  - fried eggs with soy sauce over rice.  It's cheap, high in protein, and delicious.  Oh, and did I mention that it's super easy to make?  I'm not even going to post a recipe - that's how easy it is.  Figure it out yourself. 

This graphic.  It's a good reminder that only I can change the things that bother or upset me about myself.  This applies, as the picture implies, to my physical shape - it's equally relevant for my emotional and mental state.  I get that choosing to exercise is helpful for keeping my body fit (and for keeping it one I can stand to inhabit) during pregnancy.  I sometimes struggle to remember that choosing to be positive when I'm feeling negative (or confident when I'm anxious, encouraging when I'm frustrated, etc) works equally well.  My kid won't care if I can run three miles a day, but he or she certainly will care whether or not I can push through negative emotions to find positivity on the other side.  Running three miles is easier.  Doing the work to be a good person is more meaningful.

Also, I want a beach.  I want salt water and sun and a bikini.  The Epsom salt baths simply aren't cutting it these days, even if it is technically skinny - dipping in salt water...

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